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OrBit-MES was constructed based on qwerthe Objects Platform on which we have our own knowledge property right. It meets MESA/ISA95 standards. It’s based on the theory of lot process control and the technology of enterprises’ modeling. It’s the guarantee for enterprises’ internal material flow, production system and quality control. It’s the strong base for accomplishing JIT pulling mode, Lean refining production, 6 Sigma-TQM general quality managing and RoHS/WEEE innocuous producing
OrBit-MES’ synchro data collection technology is applied to trace the whole line of enterprises’ internal material flow, engineering configuration, production and products’ quality process control. It can improve the transparence of the manufacturing tache, supply the “information gap” between working spot and planning system. It can provide the trusty decision-making proof to the planning system for readjusting the project
OrBit-MES can help enterprises accomplish following 4 key values:

  · To upgrade the manufacturing execution capability (delivery capability).
  · To make the production and material flow transparent!
· The best traceability based on data chain.
  · To grasp the requirements’ variation in time, on time and at real time.

2The Feature of OrBit-MES technology

Features of OrBit-MES qwer
  · Multi-languages objects - plug-ins - browser platform
  · Enterprise modeling technology
  · Workflow Engine
  · RFID-Barcode dual modes

OrBit-MES Application in industries

Electron assembly industry:
  · Computer and related products, home appliance, digital products, optical communication products, cell phone, instruments, SMT/PCBA.
Machinery industry:
  · Precise components accessories, clock, machine tool, axletree.
Automobile industry
  Main assembly, pivotal accessories parts/ components production,related electron digital products,etc.
Semiconductor industry
· Unit production, Encapsulation/Package, testing.
Other industries
  ·  Furniture manufacturing, sanitary ware manufacturing, shoes making, clothes making and all other industries that have requirement to trace back the products.

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Manufacturing Execution System is urgently needed by Enterprises

The enterprise that can deliver the products to the customer on time all along under the complicated marketing circumstances, is the"quick fish"during e-times. On the contrary, the enterprise that is with low manufacturing execution and slow on feedback to the customer could be eaten by the"quick fish" easily. OrBit-MES provides a visual data chain system to promote the enterprise's manufacturing execution capability,to help the enterprise grow up to be the "quick fish".

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Always evolving...

During the times that the information technology is developed speedily and the 3C (competition, change, customer) factors are more and more important, to use an advanced management system to promote the enterprises’ capability is all the managers’ common understanding. Herewith we sincerely introduce OrBit-MES Advanced Manufacturing Execution System to all Chinese developing enterprises to construct the “real-time digital factories”. It can help to promote the execution of the enterprises in maximum, and help to achieve the enterprises’ core value!

Recent News  

·   2009.8.8 - SOA based OrBit-MES V10.00 released!
·   2009.4.1 - Carl Zeiss(China) MES project launched!
·   2009.3.1 - OrBit-X(10.00) Plantform go live!
·   2008.10.1 - HEW-WMS project launched!
  2008.7.30 - BP Solar MES project go live!
·   2008.3.1 - OrBit-KanBan V1.2 Released!

·   2007.10.1 -OrBit-WMS V8.0 go live!
  2007.7.30 -WHL-MES Project go live!
·   2007.6.10 - Karrie-MES Phase-I go live!
·   2007.3.10 - OrBit-Frameworks V8.0 go live! it is powred by SOA architecture and based the browser-application servers!
  ·   2006.12.20 - SCADA&OrBit-MES data integration interface is introduced!
  ·   2006.11.05 - OrBit-Lite for DELL computer comanpy has gone live!.
  ·   2006.10.05 - OrBit English web site has gone live!.
  ·   2006.09.01 - OrBit-MES deals with WHL(automobile parts), to start the new application of Lean-MES.
  ·   2006.06.01 – Congratulations OrBit-MES V7.6a successfully upgraded to MS SQL-Server 2005(64Bit), and ESP successfully upgraded to VS2005.
·  2006.03.20 – L&A YiJie (NanJing) Enterprises’ Management Consultancy Company became the appointed agent for OrBit-MES in Middile East of China.
  ·  2006.02.20 -, the Chinese Manufacturing Execution System Forum was published, it will provide service to all the MES programmers and fans.

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